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The Bear Lake Education Foundation (BLEF) is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing resources that support innovation, enrichment and equity in pursuit of academic excellence within the Bear Lake School District. Every month the BLEF meets to hear grant requests from our teachers and administrators to fund initiatives that improve the quality of education in their schools and individual classrooms. Some of our most recent grants have gone to books for Georgetown Elementary, sharks to dissect in the science lab with Mrs. Cook and new binders for the high school student council. The BLEF is honored to be a part of this effort to always be improving education in our valley; however, the real thanks needs to go to our teachers and administrators. Many of them elect to have money pulled out of each paycheck to go to the BLEF so that we can continue granting these requests for aid. Their willingness to give money back to the school system speaks volumes about them, as the teachers and administrators of our schools here, in the Bear Lake Valley. This is what drives our mission forward. So far, this school year, we have been able to grant $4,400 to go to supplies and special projects, we secured a $10,500 grant for a new program at the high school and as many already know, we met our goal this last school year to put a whole new sound system in the high school gym. We are looking forward to continuing this mission and funding as many requests as we can throughout the remainder of this school year and for years to come.


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