Waste not, want not: Dutch students build electric car from recycled material EINDHOVEN (Reuters) - Dutch students have created a fully functioning electric car made entirely out of waste, including plastics fished out of the sea, recycled PET bottles and household garbage. The bright yellow, sporty two-seater which the students named ‘Luca’, can reach a top speed of 90 kilometres (56 miles) per hour and has a reach of 220 kilometres when fully charged, the Technical University of Eindhoven said. “This car is really special, because it’s made all out of waste”, project manager Lisa van Etten told Reuters. “Our chassis is made out of flax and recycled PET bottles. For the interior we also used unsorted household waste.” Hard plastics normally found in televisions, toys and kitchen appliances were used for the car’s body, while the seat cushions consist of coconut and horse hairs. The car was designed and built by a group of 22 students in around 18 months, Van Etten said, as an effort to prove the potential of waste. “We really hope that car companies will start using waste materials”, production team member Matthijs van Wijk said. “It’s possible in many applications. More and more companies use waste or biobased materials in the interior, we want to show that it’s also possible to build a chassis out of it.” Reporting by Bart Biesemans and Bart Meijer; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky


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Driller To Announce Net-Zero Plan 4 days Oil Prices Tick Up With Inventory Draws Across The Board 4 days U.S. Energy Related CO2 Emissions Drop 4 days Pirate Attacks On Oil Tankers Off West Africa Intensify 4 days IEA: Renewables To Grow 7% In 2020 5 days UAE Oil Major ADNOC Sees Oil Demand Reaching 105 Million Bpd Within Decade 5 days Oman Looks To Raise $3 Billion Through Its Largest Oil Block 5 days India Invites Foreign Firms To Invest In Its Strategic Petroleum Reserves 5 days Japan Bets Big On Hydrogen For Zero-Emission Future 5 days Libya’s Oil Output Hits 1 Million Bpd 8 days UK Warning Highlights Energy Storage Importance To Renewables 8 days Coal Consumption In U.S. Electricity Sector Plunges 30% 8 days Alberta Strikes Methane Emissions Deal With Federal Government 8 days Colorado Takes Aim At Oil, Gas Well Flaring 8 days Trump Replaces FERC Chairman In Surprise Move 9 days From Billions To Millions: Canada's Offshore Oil Disappointment 9 days India Wants OPEC To Fix Asian Oil Pricing Anomaly 9 days Turkey Expands Gas Drilling In The Black Sea 9 days Tesla To Build Even Bigger Battery In Australia 9 days Apache To Drill New Well Offshore Suriname 10 days Election 2020: Climate Change Won’t Be Part Of Texas Oil Regulator’s Agenda 10 days Stocks Of Major Wind Turbine Makers Slump Amid Election Uncertainty 10 days U.S. Energy Exports To Mexico Near Record-High Levels 7 minutes How China Is Racing To Expand Its Global Energy Influence 10 minutes Is it time to talk about Hydrogen? 4 mins U.S. Presidential Elections Status - Electoral Votes 53 mins Fox News Parent Corporation stock dropped 6% today as Fox News Channel experiences viewer exodus. 1 day Trucking Demand; Refrigerated Vaccine Distribution 2 hours Trump tells confidants if he loses he will run again in 2024. File before end of year . . .